A proposed settlement has been reached in three class action lawsuits known as Zakikhani, et al. v. Hyundai Motor Company, et al., No. 8:20-cv-01584 (C.D. Cal.), Evans, et al. v. Hyundai Motor Company, et al., No. 8:22-cv-00300 (C.D. Cal.), and Pluskowski, et al. v. Hyundai Motor America, et al., No. 8:22-cv-00824 (C.D. Cal.). These lawsuits allege that certain Kia vehicles were manufactured, marketed, sold, and leased with a defect in their Anti-Lock Brake System (“ABS”) control modules (also referred to as a Hydraulic Electronic Control Unit or “HECU”) that can result in engine compartment fires and the loss of ABS functionality. Neither Kia Corporation (“KC”), nor Kia America (“KA”) have been found liable for any of the claims alleged in these lawsuits.

The Parties have instead reached a voluntary settlement in order to avoid lengthy litigation. The individuals who owned or leased Class Vehicles are known as “Settlement Class Members.” Settlement Class Members may be entitled to compensation if they submit valid and timely Claims that are approved pursuant to the review process described in the Settlement Agreement and approved by the Court.

The Settlement provides the following benefits:

Reimbursement for Past Repairs

Cash reimbursements for any type of repair, replacement, diagnosis, or inspection, including a repair pursuant to a NHTSA Recall arising from the Qualifying Defect.

Reimbursement for Rental Cars, Towing, etc.

Cash reimbursements for qualifying past out-of-pocket repair costs and repair-related expenses, such as rental cars and towing.

Compensation for Vehicle Loss Due to Engine Compartment Fire

Guaranteed maximum value compensation, plus a $140 goodwill payment, for vehicles that are a Total Loss due to certain engine compartment fires caused by the ABS Module defect.

Free One-Time Inspection

A free one-time ABS Module inspection, subject to certain conditions.

Warranty Extension

Extension of the relevant warranty for ABS Modules that have been repaired or replaced pursuant to a NHTSA Recall for a period of five (5) to seven (7) years, depending on whether the current warranty is expired.

Your Legal Rights and Options in This Settlement
Submit a Claim Form This is the only way to get a reimbursement. However, it is not necessary to submit a Claim Form to benefit from the warranty extension. The deadline to submit a Claim was July 19, 2023 for repair reimbursement. For repair-related reimbursements, the deadline was July 9, 2023 or 60 days from when the expense was incurred, whichever is later. Claims for for vehicle loss due to engine compartment fire can be filed if the qualifying fire occurred on or prior to August 8, 2023. You can file a claim here.
Exclude Yourself Get no payment. This is the only option that allows you to ever file or be part of any other lawsuit against Kia about the legal claims in this case. The deadline to submit a request for exclusion passed on April 4, 2023.
Object To object to the Settlement, you must remain a member of the Settlement Class—you cannot ask to be excluded. You may object to the Settlement by writing to the Court and indicating why you do not like the Settlement. The deadline to object passed on April 4, 2023.
Go to a Hearing Ask to speak in court about the fairness of the Settlement.
Do Nothing Get no reimbursement, though you may be entitled to the benefits of the extended warranty and the right to a free one-time ABS Module inspection.

For additional information about Class Vehicles, the Settlement benefits, and your rights and options, please see the Frequently Asked Questions page of this website.